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PlacementHouse Small Business Committee

InterestsRacial and gender equity, economic security and opportunity, and healthcare access

Fellowship Presented By

Chloe Scott

Technology Fellow

Chloe Scott is a native of Frederick, MD, where her humanitarian efforts are recognized through dedication to civic engagement and being a fierce advocate for human rights. Her eagerness to serve her community, specifically disparate neighborhoods, has increased awareness and enhanced available resources for women, children, and families faced with numerous life insecurities.

Chloe is a graduate of Hood College and holds a B.A. in Communications concentrated in Public Relations and a Master of Science in Sports Management. She has a diverse professional experience in policy, risk management, and public relations. Her prior work includes developing business and marketing strategies for local government, directing community engagement, managing fundraising and social media campaigns, writing RFPs, implementing social media strategies, and coordinating events. Her scope of work has nurtured her mission to unapologetically challenge social norms and drive impact with some passion, compassion, and style.

Chloe enjoys driving impact on a local level through serving on the board of directors for a local non-profit focused on mental health, providing financial support for young entrepreneurs with her charitable foundation, sparking change through community collaborations, and highlighting “Women to Watch” in the DMV area and beyond through print and digital publication.

As part of the Fellowship program, all Fellows complete a Social Impact Service Project (SISP). These projects allow Fellows to partner with a nonprofit organization to implement or support an initiative that is in alignment with their areas of expertise and the needs of the organization. For her SISP, Chloe is working to increase community connection and fundraising through the digital space and with events. This initiative strives to connect business professional women and organizations in the local area through social media engagement and events. To see this project to fruition, Chloe has implemented a strategic plan for awareness and fundraising events and managing digital efforts. Through her efforts and working alongside the president of the organization, Chloe is confident that she will increase professional women’s club membership and flood the digital space with compelling content that brings the Frederick community together to further discuss how to advance the female business community.