Naadiya Hutchinson

Health Fellow

Naadiya Hutchinson earned her Bachelor of Arts from the Johns Hopkins University in Public Health and her Master of Health Science from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Environmental Health. While pursuing her Master’s, Naadiya also received three certificates in health communications, global health, and risk sciences, and public policy. Naadiya is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Charismas Crayons, a 501(c)3 focused on uplifting at-risk youth through supporting educational and extracurricular activities. Naadiya also serves as the Communications Supervisor on the Circle of Wise Counsel for the Black Yield Institute. In her academic, professional, and personal life, Naadiya approaches every situation with a holistic lens, recognizing that there is often more to a person or situation than what meets the eye. Naadiya seeks to help Black youth and the broader global community achieve freedom by advancing youth education, improving health outcomes, demanding a cleaner environment, and ensuring a just future through our current climate catastrophe.