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PlacementVice President Kamala Harris: Congressional Relations

InterestsMental health care inequity, Black maternal health, and education inequity

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Paige Jones

Health Fellow

Paige Jones, LMSW is a professional MACRO social worker, who resides in Washington, D.C. Paige was born in Washington, D.C., and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Paige earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Howard University and most recently, her Master’s in Social Work from UMD-Baltimore. As a social worker in public policy, Paige looks forward to expanding the scope of what social workers can do and elevate the way we are perceived. By utilizing her clinical social work background, Paige hopes to push forward policy that has a holistic view of serving underserved Americans. Having recently completed a year-long public policy internship with the National Association of Social Workers, Paige worked on federal policy, advocacy, and research with a focus on racial inequality regarding somatic health, behavioral health, and the social determinants of health. Paige is deeply motivated and passionate about racial equity, justice, and health-related policy. Jones believes her commitment and focus on these ideals are both personal and professional. Paige is hoping to utilize this fellowship as an opportunity to build the skills that will lead her to a position in Legislative leadership with a Congress member or even a president.

As part of the Fellowship program, all Fellows complete a Social Impact Service Project (SISP). These projects allow Fellows to partner with a nonprofit organization to implement or support an initiative that aligns with their areas of expertise and the needs of the organization. For her SISP, Paige is working with the University of Florida Health to launch their Center for Social Justice and Health Equity. This center serves as a comprehensive resource and community health center focused on improving health using a multi-sector approach. To best support this project, she will work with the Community Engagement and Chief Diversity Officer to research pertinent social justice topics relevant to the Florida community and engage with stakeholders to ensure the community’s needs are being addressed. She is hopeful that working with this center to open will ensure its capability to identify and address health inequities and social injustices by developing strategies to improve access and opportunity for every person to reach their full health potential.