Jared Lewis

Social Justice Fellow

Jared is the Founder of the South Side Annex, a social impact co-op on the Southside of Chicago. A South Shore native, Jared works at the intersection of economic development, small business, public policy and social enterprise. He is the past Chairman of SSA#42, a local tax district that funds expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy. Jared worked as a Global Program Manager for Airbnb where he led a global user education and mobilization program in nine countries, including the United States, Japan, South Africa and Brazil. He holds a Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree from the University of Chicago and serves as a board member for Howard Brown, an organization that works to eliminate healthcare disparities experienced by LGBTQ people and allies through research, education and the provision of services promoting health and wellness. Finally, Jared is the first Congressman John Lewis Social Justice Fellow for Science and Technology. He’ll be working with the Congressional Black Caucus on a legislative portfolio centering on technology and innovation.