Jasmine Payne

Social Justice Fellow

Jasmine Payne is a friend, advocate, scholar and servant leader. She is focused on combatting intergenerational poverty both locally and globally. Her focus is on identifying and uprooting hurdles that prohibit socioeconomic mobility, especially the factors of housing, education, and nutrition. In addition to removing barriers, she also seeks to identify uplifting solutions such as economic development projects to bolster Black wealth. Committed to community involvement, Payne serves on various boards including the Swinney Foundation as the Public Policy chair and as president of her homeowner’s association. Her experience advocating extends to the local, state and federal level as she’s held positions at a plethora of nonprofits and government agencies. Previously she worked for CARE, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority, the Children’s Defense Fund and the Massachusetts State House. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Degree from Spelman College and Master of Public Administration with a Concentration in Urban Planning and Economic Development from the Andrew Young School at Georgia State University. Believing that everyone can be a catalyst for change, she strongly believes that “we are the ones that we have been waiting for.”