Sianay Chase Clifford

Social Justice Fellow

Sianay Chase Clifford (she/hers), MSW, is a macro social worker who is keenly focused on how racism is embedded into the policies of public and private institutions, and how institutions can transition from causing harm, to reducing harm, to eradicating the causes of harm, specifically racism and anti-Blackness. Chase Clifford has diverse clinical experience, from working in constituent services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to providing academic counseling to undergraduate students of color at Boston College. In her social work practice, she works at the intersection of racial wealth disparities and racial health disparities. Most recently in her practice, she worked as a financial counselor in Roxbury, Massachusetts where she researched how low-income individuals and families interact with state and federal income support services, and how perverse incentives in the welfare system impact Black residents’ physical, mental and financial health. Throughout all her work, she carries a deep passion for the well-being of Black women and girls, and aspires to shape policy that explicitly values and celebrates their lives. Sianay Chase Clifford was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Political Science, and a Master of Social Work from Boston College.