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  • Reinvesting In Our Communities

    Jun 20, 2013. Written by Ruthe McDonald

    Many of our African-American communities are suffering, lacking the basic necessities to thrive and navigate through tough economic challenges. They’re battling high truancy rates, closing of schools, increase of crime, lack of employment opportunities, and the abandonment of many of its young adults that seek residence in neighborhoods that suit their careers and education. If…

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  • Can Socialnomics Level the Playing Field?

    Jun 17, 2013. Written by Anthony Hales

    Last year while searching for a photographer to take my engagement pictures, I decided to place an ad on the popular web site, Craigslist. Within two hours of posting, I had more than 40 proposals and portfolio links sitting in my inbox. After browsing through about half of the proposals, I opened a portfolio link…

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  • Financing the Pursuit of the American Dream

    Jun 13, 2013. Written by Kerline Jules

    As a proud graduate of a private institution, I understand too well the burden of student loan debt. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was an evening in Spring 2002 that I received my acceptance letter from the University of Miami, my top college choice! You could not have told me anything different,…

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  • The Black Community and Mental Illness: Let’s End the Stigma

    Jun 10, 2013. Written by Harry Colbert

    How are you doing – no, really, how are you doing? I ask the question as I type out this piece while looking out my window on a cold, gloomy day in June. It’s a bit depressing. At the same time, I hear a group of neighborhood kids laughing and playing. The weather doesn’t seem…

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  • The Need for Diversity Experts in a Post-Racial America

    Jun 6, 2013. Written by Cheryl Curtis

    A job description for a position soliciting a diversity and inclusion manager read, “…manager will use expertise and knowledge of best practices in this area to effectively design, develop, and implement initiatives to improve the diversity of the workforce and promote an inclusive culture for all employees.”  The more I read the job description, I…

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  • Undocumented Immigration Close to Home: A Broken System in Need of Fixing

    Jun 3, 2013. Written by Terrol Graham

    Last spring, my mother called me sobbing. My cousin was arrested in an embarrassing and dehumanizing fashion leaving work. His crime was being brought to Florida from Jamaica at eleven years old and having the bad luck of being pulled over a few days earlier for a faulty taillight. I go into shock, and after…

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  • Will you recognize Memorial Day or treat it as another day off?

    May 27, 2013. Written by Pamela Stokes Eggleston

    Many of us couldn’t wait for this weekend. Stressed and overworked, we looked forward to relaxing with family and friends. So we got an extra day off. Now what?  We can pause to reflect on what this day truly symbolizes. Memorial Day, also known as Decoration Day, is a day to commemorate those who have…

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  • Tech Support: Networking for Blacks in STEM

    May 20, 2013. Written by Kai Dupe

    In 2008, I found myself trying to decide on a problem to study for my doctoral dissertation.  Most of my classmates were studying problems in their workplace.  For most of them this meant studying a problem in education as they were educators.  I, however, was working in the corporate world as a software developer.  A…

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  • Graduating From High School is Not an Option

    May 13, 2013. Written by George Cotton

    The other evening, while responding to a stack of graduation invitations, I noticed that there was not a card in the bunch from any males. Realizing that there was a possibility that I had only received cards from families with female children, I glanced at the names. I immediately recognized that many had brothers, and…

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  • The Origin of Memorial Day

    May 6, 2013. Written by Karen Safo-Barnieh

    According to some historians, Memorial Day originated following the U.S. Civil War as a tradition celebrating the emancipation of former slaves and to honor those who gave their lives for that cause. The significance of Memorial Day, then called Decoration Day, has evolved over the years into a general celebration of all soldiers and veterans…

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