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  • African-American Outreach 101 for the GOP: In the Aftermath of Rand Paul’s Visit to Howard

    Apr 22, 2013. Written by Sean Breeze

    Dear GOP, Since your current strategies targeting minorities aren’t working, as a young African-American male, I’d like to offer some advice. If you want to court black people here are my humble recommendations. Stop mentioning Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves and all the various other accomplishments of the pre-1968 Republican Party. No African American is voting…

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  • El Momento Es Ahora –End the Cuban Embargo Now

    Apr 16, 2013. Written by Jamila A. Brown

    The Carters, rapper/mogul Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé, found themselves caught in an international controversy after vacationing on the communist island of Cuba for their fifth wedding anniversary. Rumors and allegations swarmed the couple’s visit as photos were released of the two touring the sites of Old Havana. Were they guests of the Castros? Was…

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  • Be Not Discouraged in the Quest for STEM Education

    Apr 8, 2013. Written by Kai Dupe

    In a 2010 study by The Bayer Corporation, it was reported that many minorities as well as women have been discouraged from pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Further, this report identifies the American educational system as the culprit. The Bayer Facts of Science Education XIV survey polled 1,226 female African-American, Hispanic…

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  • Black Teenage Pregnancy Stereotypes…Or Are They?

    Mar 25, 2013. Written by George Cotton

    Recently, my brother called to vent about an NPR report on teen pregnancy. Apparently a brouhaha had developed among some in the black community who saw the report as “racially biased”. They felt it reflected negatively upon African-American and Latino women.  As a Washington D.C. based attorney, my brother tends to approach social issues differently…

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  • GIVE ME BACK MY BLACK: The Two-Faced, Pale Side of Painting and Wearing Black Face

    Mar 18, 2013. Written by Deborah Collage Grison

    We encounter many people who think it is okay to mock, parody, imitate, mimic, jeer and caricaturize us as a people, as women — specifically, the color of our skin. As a matter of fact, in the last week of February (Black History Month), a French fashion magazine showcased an “African Queen” photo shoot featuring…

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  • Shine the Spotlight on our Health and Wellness

    Mar 11, 2013. Written by Pamela Stokes Eggleston

    March is National Women’s History Month.  This is the perfect time to remind ourselves as black women to reflect and celebrate! We have contributed so much to our nation. With inspiring women like Oprah Winfrey, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou and Michelle Obama, we should be proud and take this time to commemorate our own achievements….

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  • Women’s History Month: A Celebration of HERstory

    Mar 4, 2013. Written by Jamila A. Brown

    As we exit Black History Month, we march into the celebration of her story – Women’s History Month. First recognized by the United States in 1911, Women’s History Month is a global phenomenon in which billions honor the lives, contributions and accomplishments of women. But what of black women in history, I found myself wondering…

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  • America’s Unique Gun Problem

    Feb 25, 2013. Written by Sean Breeze

    Following the latest mass shooting in Newton, Connecticut, the discussion around gun control has re-emerged. Unfortunately, throughout the discourse, we tend to lump all of America’s issues with guns into one realm. However, that is just not the case. In this country we have two distinct problems with gun violence. For the sake of this…

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  • Lynching Our Own Legacy: Remixing Massa’ in the NEW Hip Hop Generation

    Feb 19, 2013. Written by Deborah Collage Grison

    In this past week, rappers “Lil Wayne” and “Future” of Epic Records released what is being called by the label an “unauthorized remix” version of a song called “Karate Chop”, where “Lil Wayne” contributes a line stating, “beat that p—y up like Emmett Till” referring to the Chicago teen who was brutally murdered in Mississippi…

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  • Is Black History Month History?

    Feb 11, 2013. Written by Karen Safo-Barnieh

    If history is defined as the study of past events, does this then mean that every February we are celebrating the buried and expired achievements of the black race? The meaning of the word ‘history’ is what i would like us to ponder. Yes, I know that you were expecting your typical blog post of…

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