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  • On the Wrong Side of the Digital Divide

    Feb 4, 2013. Written by Kai Dupe

    Every day I ask my daughter what she learned in school. This week she informed me that she learned Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. This is simply not the truth. That honor goes to Granville T. Woods. African Americans are shamefully underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  Of the…

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  • Healthy New Year, Healthy New You!

    Jan 28, 2013. Written by Deborah Collage Grison

    Every New Year, the number one resolution on everyone’s list is to lose weight. While the beginning of anything always sparks excitement, we could all dig a little deeper and make a stronger commitment to ourselves beyond losing weight to look great. We should commit to being healthy and it should never be for vanity’s…

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  • Why President Obama’s Second Inauguration Means So Much

    Jan 21, 2013. Written by Pamela Stokes Eggleston

    Seeing a black man running the country, seeing his black wife and his black daughters at The White House means something because they look like us in a place and in a position we’ve never been.

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  • Rethinking Violence

    Jan 14, 2013. Written by George Cotton

    Recently, I took time to watch a “Frontline” documentary on gang violence in Chicago, a place I spent time growing up.  Although it has been decades since I was an elementary school student on Chicago’s South Side, my mind conjures up candy-coated recollections that are probably unlike the realities of the times. Those images are…

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  • Like Father Like Son

    Jan 5, 2013. Written by Sean Breeze

    “With a significant amount of African-American boys growing up without fathers, mentorship is an even more important tool in helping African-American boys excel and achieve the highest positions in life.”  Unfortunately, many young African-American boys do not have their father in their lives as a positive influence, which makes mentorship so critical for their development….

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  • Welcome to The Village!

    Jan 4, 2013. Written by CBCF

    Hello and welcome to The Village! We here at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation are very excited to launch our new weekly blog! We hope that you will use it as a resource and a sounding board for issues important to you and your community. Discussion is encouraged so please comment and share the blog!…

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