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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Do Not Deny My Intersectionality

    Jul 31, 2015. Written by Lindsay Nicole Richardson

    Written by:  Lindsay Richardson, @Lindsay_Rich The recent twitter uproar that featured popular artists Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj brought forth the disparities in new age or modern feminism. Often we see modern feminism rally around the ideas of equal wage, paid maternity leave, more female leadership or free nipples. While all important in their own…

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Black Health Matters

    Jul 22, 2015. Written by RaCia Poston

    Written by:  RaCia Denise Poston,  @raciap_   Here is a typical scene across Black America: it’s the first Sunday of the month and the family gathers for another Sunday dinner. The kitchen and surrounding rooms are weighed down with the mixture of aromas seeping from the pots and pans that are aligned on the stove top…

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: True Heritage?

    Jul 21, 2015. Written by Camren Harris

    Written by:  Camren J. Harris IG: @Mr_CHarris As the recent tragedy involving the mass shooting of nine African Americans while attending Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina continues to plague the hearts of millions, the shooter has been in photographs proudly honoring the Confederate Battle Flag. This heartbreaking incident has made Americans examine this flag…

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  • HIV in My Community: Anacostia Gets Tested.

    Jul 16, 2015. Written by kshipley

    Written by:  Kristen Shipley, @perfectlyk The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says African Americans accounted for an estimated 44% of all new HIV infections among adults and adolescents (aged 13 years or older) in 2010, despite representing only 12% of the US population. That’s a problem. For National HIV Testing Day (June 27), I volunteered at…

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Dear Rachel, You cannot Redefine ‘Blackness’

    Jul 9, 2015. Written by BerThaddaeus

    Written by:  BerThaddaeus Maurice P. Bailey Recently the concept of Blackness was brought to the forefront of trending topics when Rachel Dolezal, a White woman of Czech and German descent and president of Spokane, Washington chapter of NAACP, falsely identified herself as a Black woman. Dolezal obtained her master’s degree at Howard University, a Historically…

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  • America’s Greatest Mental Illness

    Jul 9, 2015. Written by Gabriel

    Thursday, June 18, 2015 is a day Charleston and the nation will never forget. While hosting bible study, Reverend Clementa Pinckney and eight parishioners were gruesomely murdered at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  As the facts of the case are still presenting themselves, one assertion that has been made is that the shooter, Mr. Dylan…

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  • On Charleston…a petition for a remedy of apathy

    Jul 7, 2015. Written by Melanie Avery

    To those who lost their lives we offer our hymns, prayers, and sincere condolences. To those who survived, we pray their comfort by the Savior in wrapping their heads around being left behind?  To those who live in counties and cities all across the nation: I have a literal question. How many more of these…

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  • The Disoriented Trilogy for the Black Male Manhood ~ Masculinity ~ Manliness

    Jul 2, 2015. Written by JayJackson

    Imagine the total number of younger and older black males who lack awareness that the trilogy of manhood, masculinity and manliness even exist. When I was blind, I also struggled with understanding my responsibilities as a male. There are many contributing factors; however, growing up as a fatherless child hinders the foundational establishment of self-awareness….

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Remove the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina Statehouse

    Jun 25, 2015. Written by Shuanise Washington

    Written by A. Shuanise Washington   As a South Carolina native, this week’s shooting at Emanuel AME Church affected me profoundly and personally. It reminded me of my upbringing in a state with a deeply entrenched history of slavery and segregation. The murder of nine, innocent black people at Emmanuel AME Church is a window…

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  • Dear Sister Rachel Dolezal

    Jun 23, 2015. Written by Sharnay Hearn

    After watching your interview recently on the Today Show; I wanted to reach out to you in sisterly love; not sisterly love because you identify as “black”, but sisterly love; woman to woman; as an African woman. There were many things that you stated which caused me to have follow up questions for you; such…

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