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  • Who Will Save our Boys? Public Policy or Personal Ownership?

    Jun 18, 2015. Written by Kerline Jules

    I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend my first Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit in Atlanta, GA, a three-day business event tailored to both established business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. I was overly excited to attend the high-powered sessions on business topics. However, though in the midst of an entrepreneur’s event, I was most excited to…

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: CBCF Remembers the 61st Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

    May 14, 2015. Written by guest

                                                            Written by Tim Pulliam In May, the CBCF takes a moment to acknowledge the historic Brown v. Board ruling that ended the legal foundation for discrimination on May 17, 1954. For more than six decades, African Americans have made significant strides as a result of the court decision. Today, we are afforded…

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: The Issue is Police Brutality, Not Rioting

    May 5, 2015. Written by guest

                                                            Written by Kelsea Wilkerson The African-American body is undervalued and unappreciated in America. Even more so, the life of the African-American man, as precious as it is, is in constant danger of being eradicated. As I organized my thoughts to write this piece, I had to ask myself: Why exactly are you…

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Law Enforcement and Communities of Color: Why Loretta Lynch Needs to be Confirmed

    Apr 23, 2015. Written by guest

                                                            Written by Kenya Metters Every 28 hours a black man, woman, or child is killed by police or vigilante law enforcement. News accounts about this startling statistic have forced a national dialogue on the ongoing tension between law enforcement and communities of color. The emotional outburst that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri after…

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  • A Reflection on Ferguson’s Shame

    Apr 21, 2015. Written by Sharon Jenkins

    I’ve reviewed the detailed report by the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that was released on March 4, 2015. It’s not just the facts of the encounter between 18-year-old Michael Brown and 28-year-old Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson that are disturbing.  As the report states, DOJ investigators found that during their 90-second encounter, Officer Wilson acted within the law to…

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Our Children do not Deserve to be the Fodder of the Criminal Justice System

    Apr 6, 2015. Written by guest

    Written by Rashod Woods When we talk about our children, we should be invigorated and hopeful knowing that they are in good care under institutions such as the Education and Criminal Justice systems than burdened with terror, fear, despair and hopelessness.  It must be made clear that the Cradle-To-Career pipeline cannot be created when our…

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  • “CBCF Perspectives” The Millennial Generation: Tolerant or Pessimistic

    Mar 24, 2015. Written by guest

    Written by Bethel Domfeh A few weeks ago, a video surfaced showing University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity members chanting racial slurs on a bus. This video has gone viral during a sensitive time in racial tensions resulting from national dissension over police brutality. The slurs roared by the SAE fraternity contradict the…

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  • Top Ten Black Inventors (You Didn’t Know About)

    Feb 27, 2015. Written by Lindsay Gary

      From ancient Kemet to the contemporary United States, people of the African Diaspora have been responsible for some of the world’s most innovative and useful creations. Although we are familiar with the inventions of Madam C.J. Walker and George Washington Carver, there are a myriad of inventions that are unbeknownst to many. The following…

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  • Conservatives’ War on Obamacare Continues Unabated

    Feb 26, 2015. Written by Sharon Jenkins

    It’s Black History Month and as you’re reading these words, more than  7 million Americans have purchased health insurance, in recent weeks, as the deadline to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was set to expire on Sunday, February 15. Several Presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have tried to enact national, affordable health care…

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  • Ten To-Dos for Parents on the 100th Day of School

    Feb 9, 2015. Written by KendraPierson

      In classrooms all over the nation, elementary school students will soon be celebrating the 100th Day of School! By the 100th day of school, students are 100 days smarter, 100 days older and have learned (hopefully) more than 100 new things. As parents, here are 10 things you should have done  within the first 100…

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