Land of the Free…Stuff?

IMG_9806By: CJ Bowers, @_CJBowers

These days, we are surrounded by sound bites of the latest speeches coming from presidential candidates on their campaign trail. Within those sound bites lie harsh realities, met with a “promising” future for our country. Recently, GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush received criticism for a comment made as it relates to African-American voters being swayed by the promise of “free stuff”. In a town hall meeting of likely voters in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, he attempted to explain how his platform was more hopeful, and less divisive than his liberal counterparts.

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The Movement Matters

By: Chris Bowers, @_CJBowers


We are 16 months away from another presidential election; however, the campaign season is nearly in full swing. With over 20 candidates vying to become the next leader of the free world, their words matter as much as our vote matters. Both African-Americans and young adults have been known to make an impact in previous elections. There’s no reason why that will change anytime soon.

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