A Reflection on Ferguson’s Shame

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I’ve reviewed the detailed report by the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that was released on March 4, 2015.

It’s not just the facts of the encounter between 18-year-old Michael Brown and 28-year-old Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson that are disturbing.  As the report states, DOJ investigators found that during their 90-second encounter, Officer Wilson acted within the law to protect himself when he thought his life was endangered by Brown.

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“CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Our Children do not Deserve to be the Fodder of the Criminal Justice System

Written by Rashod Woods

When we talk about our children, we should be invigorated and hopeful knowing that they are in good care under institutions such as the Education and Criminal Justice systems than burdened with terror, fear, despair and hopelessness.  It must be made clear that the Cradle-To-Career pipeline cannot be created when our children earn our care rather it is required from the moment they are created. Our children were born deserving our love. It is disgraceful to note that the United States is the world’s leader in incarceration with 2.2 million people currently in the nation’s prisons or jails. This epidemic sends a message that says “youth have to earn our respect and love”.

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“CBCF Perspectives” The Millennial Generation: Tolerant or Pessimistic

Written by Bethel Domfeh

A few weeks ago, a video surfaced showing University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity members chanting racial slurs on a bus. This video has gone viral during a sensitive time in racial tensions resulting from national dissension over police brutality. The slurs roared by the SAE fraternity contradict the widely held assumption that the millennial generation ranging from 1980’s to 2000’s, are more “tolerant” than their predecessors.

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Top Ten Black Inventors (You Didn’t Know About)


From ancient Kemet to the contemporary United States, people of the African Diaspora have been responsible for some of the world’s most innovative and useful creations. Although we are familiar with the inventions of Madam C.J. Walker and George Washington Carver, there are a myriad of inventions that are unbeknownst to many. The following is a list of the top ten most widely unknown black inventors and their inventions. This was a difficult attempt as many of our inventions have been claimed by Europeans and white Americans. But what is most challenging is that because of the sheer number of inventions, a list of just ten was an arduous task. Because we created things then and are creating things now, it is important to highlight our global contributions during Black History Month as inspiration for our present and our future.

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Conservatives’ War on Obamacare Continues Unabated


It’s Black History Month and as you’re reading these words, more than  7 million Americans have purchased health insurance, in recent weeks, as the deadline to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was set to expire on Sunday, February 15.

Several Presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have tried to enact national, affordable health care insurance.  Our nation’s first African American President got it done.

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Pockets of Prestige


At the closeout of January 2015, Forbes published an article listing the Top 10 Cities for African Americans.  Looking at America’s 52 largest metropolitan areas, rankings were based upon home ownership, entrepreneurship, median household income, and demographic trends. Although listing 10 different cities, the areas listed only covered seven states: Georgia, North Carolina, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Texas.

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Black Voices Weigh in on the President’s State of the Union Address


Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

“…But tonight, we turn the page. Tonight, after a breakthrough year for America, our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999.  Our employment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis. More of our kids are graduating than ever before.  More of our people are insured than ever before.  And we are as free from the grip of foreign oil as we’ve been in almost 30 years.

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Improving Learning and Development Outcomes: The Importance of Family Involvement

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Three decades of research has demonstrated that quality family involvement coupled with high expectations improves student learning, behavioral and developmental outcomes. Dr. Ronald Ferguson found that families of color are most successful at promoting school success when they encourage reading at home, review materials with their children in a way that inspires a love for learning, and search for opportunities to help their children apply knowledge learned in the classroom in other environments.  These findings were further substantiated in a study on high achieving black male students. Dr. Shaun Harper and affiliates conducted four hundred interviews and highlighted trends in students’ explanations for their success. According to Harper, the vast majority of interviewed students recalled “family members conveying to them at a young age powerful messages about the value of schooling.  One student reported, “It’s hard growing up in the ghetto, so my parents keep telling me that school s my way out.”

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Mixed With a Bowl of Emotions: The Ferguson Indictment Announcement

Once I heard the grand jury came to a decision on whether or not they would indict Officer Wilson for the shooting death of Mike Brown, I had no desire to watch the announcement because I have seen this scenario play out before and had no expectation that it would be anything different this time around. But after a conscious conversation with one of my co-laborers in the community, though despaired, I decided to watch the announcement with a tablespoon of hope.

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