The Village Lost a Child

Silence. The beeps are no longer heard, the monitors are no longer on, and the peaks and valleys that represent life now display a flat line.  The smallest medical equipment is removed, the lamps turned off, and a mother and father attempt to absorb the unthinkable.  Into the world early and gone far too soon, a void has been created that cannot be filled.  Today, the village lost a child.

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If We Don’t Celebrate Our Brothers…Who Will?

Village Blogger Kerline Jules Honors South Florida’s Emerging African-American Male Business & Community Leaders While Bringing Awareness to Local Boys and Men of Color Initiatives

Roughly two years ago, after recent gun violence incident in South Florida, a local community group hosted a much needed “Stop the Gun Violence” town hall. Victims of gun violence, local elected officials, community organizers, educators, concerned citizens and local celebrities attended the standing room only town hall.  As a young leader passionate about the elevation of my community, town halls for me provide a platform bringing visibility to topics and an outlet for the community to express their thoughts and concerns.

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Two Faith Leaders on Youth Violence and Solutions – Part 2 of 2

“America’s schools were not designed to do what we’re

asking them to do…there has to be a collaborative effort between church,

schools and community. Kids need something different…Our kairos moment is now.” — Rev. Dr. Velma Union

 Thoughtful words from a scholar and faith leader who has spent much of her life in Los Angeles as a pastor, counselor and businesswoman.  Her views on how to intervene and improve young people’s lives are rooted in more than 20 years of living and working in a metropolitan environment that, despite its celebrity status, has its share of gun-related violence.

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44th Annual Legislative Conference – HIV/AIDS Braintrust

HIV is having a greater impact on the African-American community than on any other racial or ethnic group in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the rate of HIV infection in African Americans is eight times that of whites. Although African Americans represent only 12 percent of the overall population, the CDC reports that in 2010 they accounted for an estimated 44 percent of all HIV infections in people age 13 or older.

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44th Annual Legislative Conference – Celebration of Leadership in the Fine Arts

“Through the Celebration of Leadership in the Fine Arts, the CBCF and the CBC Spouses pay homage to those whose creative bodies of work convey the rich and diverse African-American experience. CBCF is proud to support the next generation of great artists with scholarships to pursue their education and hone their crafts, ” said A. Shuanise Washington, the president and CEO of the CBCF.

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44th Annual Legislative Conference Highlights – Sept. 27

In a room filled beyond capacity, attendees cried, laughed and said from the heart, “I love you.” At the My Brother’s Keeper Town Hall panelists shared stories of trial and triumph, hope, and, most importantly, the blueprint for a plan of action. As Reverend Al Sharpton says, “President Obama started the [My Brother’s Keeper] program because he wanted to open the sea of opportunity [for young men] like it was opened for him.”

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44th Annual Legislative Conference Highlights – Sept. 26

In a sort of rites of passage, members of the Congressional Black Caucus set the tone for the remainder of today’s Emerging Leaders Series sessions during the National Town Hall by urging us to take an active stand against the injustices we face today. Young people were applauded for attending and for taking the early steps in continuing the legacy of our forefathers.

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44th Annual Legislative Conference Highlights – Sept. 25

Speaking to a standing room only crowd during the 2014 Emerging Leaders Town Hall, Songstress and Activist Ledisi stated emphatically, “We have to tap into our collective power.” This sentiment perfectly summarizes the energy emanating and overflow of a call to action from every session I have participated in thus far as I walked the halls of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center during this week’s 44th Annual Legislative Conference.

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What Would I Say if I Were Janay (Rice)?

For the last several weeks like much of the world, I have witnessed what has happened and is happening in, with and to the NFL. While many think and believe that the image of the league is or should be the primary concern, it is not. Nor can it be. What brought it to the attention of most of us to begin with is the overlooked and “fumbled” subject of domestic violence. While the image of the National Football League is important to many, I am more committed to what has been eclipsed by the preservation of its image. That is the story of Janay Rice. In an effort to offer a different perspective, below is a “would be” conversation I would have with myself if I were Mrs. Janay Rice. After all, it is worth the introspection.

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