Brand Resources

Here you can find our Brand Book and downloadable CBCF assets.

Our Brand Book

The CBCF brand book is a resource to aid in upholding CBCF’s brand. The guidance found in this brand book ensures that the brand is consistently and cohesively executed across various platforms and channels.

Usage Guidelines

Logo File Usage

  • Only EPS and PNG formats preserve background transparency.
  • EPS format is a vector image, while JPG and PNG are raster images.
  • Saving an EPS file as an EPS 8 file should eliminate cross-platform problems and solve uploading issues for programs that require PC coding.
  • PNG format is most suitable for web applications. Refer to the table on this page for detailed usage guidelines.


The clearspace is the smallest distance allowed between the logo and text, the edge of a page, or the edge of an image. Keeping a clearspace equal to or more then the center-most circle in the mark guarantees legibility and notability.

Downloadable Assets

Tagline Logo
Full Logo
Acronym Logo
Logo Mark

If you have any questions regarding the CBCF brand, please contact our Marketing and Communications Team.

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