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Civic Issues

Policy for the People Economic Advancement Virtual Summit

Tuesday, October 24, 2023
11 AM to 4 PM ET

The 2023 Economic Advancement Virtual Summit brings together policymakers, thought leaders, and industry experts to discuss key economic challenges and opportunities facing Black communities.

This FREE virtual summit features three insightful panel discussions to inspire actionable policy changes for economic advancement.

Session One - 11 AM ET

New Routes to Homeownership: How Black Banks Can Empower Black Homebuyers

Thursday, June 24 | 10 – 11 AM ET

Session Two – 1 PM ET

The Cost of a Dream Deferred: The Economic Implications of Dismantling Affirmative Action

Thursday, June 24 | TIME: 2 – 3 PM ET

Session Three – 3 PM ET

The Race for Change: Black Workers, Unions, and Equality

Thursday, June 24 | TIME: 2 – 3 PM ET

Virtual Summit Series

The Health Equity Summit provides attendees the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussion with subject-matter experts along with business leaders and members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Subjects are wide-reaching policy and social issues impacting the lives of Black Americans.

Virtual Braintrust Series

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation launched the “Policy for the People” Virtual Braintrust Series in 2020 to provide critical policy updates on the most pressing issues facing the Black community in the United States in the era of combatting COVID-19. Experts, prominent thought leaders, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus provide insight and analysis in the areas of public health, economic mobility, the U.S. Census, water rights & the workforce, and education & youth. Attendees are able to engage speakers and ask questions.

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