Center for Policy Analysis and Research

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) is dedicated to advancing the African American community through research and policy that supports the needs of their communities.

The Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR) identifies, analyzes and disseminates policies and policy-related information critical to the economic independence, quality education and health equity of African Americans. CPAR helps to fill the need for quality research and effective policies regarding underserved communities and the personal and social welfare of their individuals.

Expand Job Opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Fields

Tomorrow’s high-paying jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics require advanced degrees that are currently out of reach for most African Americans. CPAR conducts research that expands access to tomorrow’s jobs today, removing the barriers to college education and employment for people ready to be part of the next generation of innovation and learning.

Advance Minority Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Many minority-owned businesses struggle to stay afloat or expand due to lack of capital. CPAR identifies factors that inhibit equal access to start-up funds and supports community-based solutions that help minority business owners achieve economic freedom and the ability to grow their operations.

Accessibility to Affordable Health Care

The Affordable Care Act provided access to universal health care for millions of uninsured African Americans. The benefits of the ACA include access to preventative care, including mammograms, colonoscopies, flu vaccines, prenatal care and child wellness checkups. Yet many insured individuals and families do not know or fully understand their new benefits, which are critical to making informed decisions about proper health care planning, access and treatment. CPAR prioritizes awareness of all aspects of the ACA and empowers African Americans to seek and receive the quality health care they deserve.

Bridge the Gap for Environmental Sustainability in Black Communities

People in all communities around the world have a stake in preserving natural resources and preparing the future for innovations in renewable energy. CPAR analyzes best practices and creates policy solutions to prepare African Americans for the impact of new innovations and policy in environmental science will have on housing, transportation and small businesses in their communities.

Improve Economic Opportunities: National Agenda on Poverty Alleviation

The U.S. Census reports that African Americans more likely to be poor or in poverty than whites, along with Hispanic Americans and American Indians and Alaska Natives alone. CBCF’s National Agenda on Poverty Alleviation supports comprehensive approaches to income equality by analyzing how poverty results in specific socioeconomic outcomes. Our goal is to eradicate racial disparities in employment, education, public health, the environment and the criminal justice system.

Mobilize Black Voters

African American voters are less likely to vote in a general election as whites, and are therefore less likely to have their voices heard in selecting the nation’s leaders. CBCF and CPAR are committed to mobilizing voters in all elections at the federal, state and local levels, focusing on the social, political and economic consequences of voting to build a more inclusive nation and world and allowing the voices of African Americans to be recognized.