The Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research

Africa-America 2021 Re-Envisioning Liberation for the Global Black Diaspora

Written by scholars and practitioners for a general, non-specialist audience, the Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research (JCPAR) follows the standard of a peer-reviewed, social science publication and serves as a conduit between research and policy. With just over 10 entries, this issue has a special focus on topics including in-depth and innovative approaches to help advance the study of Black identities, ethnicities and diasporas, and in turn, highlights how these perspectives inform representative governance and public policy.


The Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research is a multidisciplinary journal, released every two years, that publishes original research and analyses on public policy issues related to black politics in the U.S. and abroad. For our inaugural issue, we welcome in-depth and innovative approaches to advance the study of the full spectrum of black identities, ethnicities and diasporas and how these perspectives inform representative governance, with a particular focus on black members of Congress and their active coalitions.

Our principal aim is to foster dialogue between the academic and applied fields in order to better inform policy, programs and practice. We seek to establish a productive and intellectually stimulating space where substantive research on legislation and political processes is produced, argued and publicly discussed by a broad range of contributors, from economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, law, media studies, feminist studies, LGBT and sexuality studies, geography, public policy, history and other related disciplines.

All journal contributions are reviewed by our editors and follow the standards of rigorous scholarship and sound analysis, with quantitative and qualitative studies on the social impact of policy receiving special preference and consideration. The journal prioritizes writing that is jargon-free and accessible to an audience of non-experts who seek to engage with academic research and methodologies. With this objective in mind, authors should take care to address a readership outside their respective disciplines.

Furthermore, the editors are especially committed to cultivating a forum for early-career professionals, with or without advanced degrees, whose studies have direct policy implications for programs and strategies at various levels of government and civil society that affect African American and minority communities.

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The Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research will be distributed to the Congressional Black Caucus members, staff and their affiliated networks and will be available in digital form at