Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute prepares the next generation to take its place in the fields of community service and policy development.

Our Mission

Our goal is to increase the pool of Black leaders in public service careers and public policy positions through providing fellowships, internships, and scholarships.

Fellowships Internships Scholarships

Leadership Institute

We offer numerous educational and leadership development programs for individuals ranging from college students to young professionals with graduate degrees (generally ages 40 and under).

Positive Results

Participants learn the inner workings of the federal government,

explore public service and public policy careers, discuss current events and policy initiatives, and experience leadership at its very best by working with and learning from members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Support Our Goal

Emerge 535

535 interns on Capitol Hill—that’s our goal! With your support, we can reach it one intern at a time.

The Leadership Institute

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