Alumni Network

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The CBCF Alumni Network is an impressive worldwide community of alumni who share a common experience of being members of the Leadership Institute. Founded in the Fall of 2021 by 22 alumni who wanted to stay connected, the CBCF Alumni Network unites current and former cohorts with the network to serve as thought partners and strategists, in collaboration with the Director of Leadership Institute, to form a bridge between CBCF and distinguished alumni across private, public, and social sectors.

CBCF Alumni Network members voted in February, electing the following board officers to lead CBCF’s Alumni Network in 2022:

Tony Bishop, President of the ANC, and Deputy Policy Director at the DCCC

Ashley Bobo, ANC Vice President, and Practicing Attorney

Ray Hill, ANC Secretary and Dean at Morehouse College, Department of Student Services

The Alumni Network Council’s goals include:

  • Mentorship of new emerging Black leaders
  • Consistent alumni engagement via newsletters
  • Serving as a connector of alumni of the Leadership Institute via meetups, panels, and events
  • Raising funds to support further Leadership Institute efforts