CBCF’s Alumni Network Council Announces Newly Elected Board Officers

The new officers will form a bridge between the Foundation and valued alumni connecting cohorts with opportunities for mentorship and leadership

March 29, 2022

Kyla M. Clark

Washington – Today, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Incorporated’s (CBCF) Alumni Network Council (ANC) announced its newly elected board officers who will ensure the connectivity of CBCF’s alumni through the curation of programming emerging new leaders with opportunities for mentorship and support.

The CBCF Alumni Network is an impressive worldwide community of alumni who share a common experience of being members of the Leadership Institute. Founded in the Fall of 2021 by 22 alumni who wanted to stay connected, the CBCF Alumni Network unites current and former cohorts with the network to serve as thought partners and strategists, in collaboration with the Director of Leadership Institute, to form a bridge between CBCF and distinguished alumni across private, public, and social sectors.

CBCF Alumni Network members voted in February, electing the following board officers to lead CBCF’s Alumni Network in 2022:

  • Tony Bishop, President of the ANC, and Deputy Policy Director at the DCCC
  • Ashley Bobo, ANC Vice President, and Practicing Attorney
  • Ray Hill, ANC Secretary and Dean at Morehouse College, Department of Student Services

“I am eager to join my colleagues Ashley and Ray in leading the charge to expand the reach and impact of the ANC. Electing board officers for the ANC was a critical step in ensuring that our new alumni leaders will continue to impact public policy while creating lasting change,” said newly elected ANC President Tony Bishop.

The CBCF’s Leadership Institute aims to increase the pool of Black leaders in public service careers and public policy positions by providing fellowships, internships, and scholarships.

“We are excited to welcome the elected board officers of our newly formed Alumni Network Council. This reinvigorated program consists of a thriving alumni community of outstanding members from our previous cohorts supported by executive-level sponsorship. This partnership underscores CBCF’s commitment to supporting community service, policy development, and our most critical resource—people,” said President and CEO Nicole Austin-Hillery. 

The Leadership Institute has a dedicated effort launched in 2014, to have 535 CBCF interns on Capitol Hill. The program is called ‘Emerge 535.’ See how CBCF is helping to build the next generation of leaders. Watch the video.

Akailah Jenkins McIntyre, Director of CBCF’s Leadership Institute, said, “our alumni have experienced leadership at its very best by working with and learning from members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and our first-ever newly elected board officers are a testament to the legacy and partnership we will continue to build at CBCF.”


About the CBCF

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About CBCF’s ANC Board Officers

Tony Bishop is the President of the ANC and currently the Deputy Policy Director at the DCCC.  He hails from Dayton, Ohio, and attended Otterbein University for both his BA and MS.  Tony previously served as a 2018 CBCF Fellow in the Office of Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries.  He is excited to use ANC as a formal bridge to connect alumni and create a best-in-class professional network.    

Ashley Bobo is a passionate advocate and dedicated labor and employment attorney, who hails from Long Beach, California. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University and earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2016. Ashley chose to attend law school after serving as a summer intern for the United States House of Representatives for California’s 37th Congressional District through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in 2012. Her time as an intern inspired her to pursue the law so that she could dive deeper into the legislative process while finding practical ways to serve and uplift the Black community.  

During her time in law school, Ashley was able to deepen her passion for the legislative process and helped write and secure passage of Senate Bill SB 382 – a California bill that focused on juvenile sentencing reform. In addition to her legislative work, Ashley was honored to serve as a campaign intern for Vice President Kamala Harris’s historical 2016 California Senate run.  

As a practicing attorney, Ashley has worked tirelessly to represent her clients and was recently named a 2022 “Ones to Watch” by Best Lawyers, a recognition awarded to young lawyers for their outstanding professional excellence in private practice. While her law practice certainly keeps her busy, Ashley has never lost sight of her greater mission – to serve the Black community. She has proudly served on the board of the John M. Langston Bar Association and Black Women Lawyers of Los Angeles, Inc. since 2016, and has used her roles with both organizations to help raise and award hundreds of thousands of dollars for scholarships to deserving attorneys of color.  

Ashley is excited to serve as the Vice President of the Alumni Network Council to help CBCF alumni get engaged with the greater CBCF community and create authentic, long-lasting relationships. 

In her free time, Ashley enjoys live music, indoor and beach volleyball, spending time with her Delta Sigma Theta sorors, and hitting up the dog park with her corgi, Mochi. 

A native of Atlanta, GA, Ray Hill a 2013-2018 recipient of The Louis Stokes Health Fellowship will serve as ANC Officer in the seat of Secretary. 

In the seat of ANC Secretary, Ray holds a personal commitment to ensuring connectivity of our Congressional Black Caucus Alumni through the curation of programming that will continue to advocate for the collective voices and experiences of our Alumni network to bridge together our network through the various regions of service through public policy alongside our council. 

Professionally, Ray Hill serves in the role of Dean at Morehouse College where he works in conjunction with the Department of Student Services curating collegiate-based initiatives for the Atlanta University Consortium (AUCC) with a primary focus on building community engagement, programming, and campus-based student initiatives. 

Academically, Ray holds an extensive study in the field of Psychology where he has studied the connection of artistic expressions on psychological well-being in his matriculation from Georgia State University, Morehouse College, and the University of West Georgia.  A member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, The Gathering Spot Atlanta, musician, artist, and community advocate for the accessibility of mental health resources for marginalized communities, Ray is excited to serve in the capacity of ANC Secretary, bridging his professional and prior fellowship experience in our CBCF alumni network to curate programming that will continuously connect the voices and experiences our extensive alumni network together.