CBCF’s Center for Policy Analysis and Research Releases Groundbreaking Journal: “The Nexus: Defining the Moment”

February 28, 2024

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Yolanda Raine

Washington, D.C. – The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) is proud to announce the publication and release of the latest edition of the Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research (JCPAR) titled “The Nexus: Defining the Moment.” This groundbreaking issue brings together leading experts, scholars, and policymakers to explore critical issues at the intersection of policy, research, and societal impact.

“The Nexus: Defining the Moment” delves into pressing challenges and opportunities facing our society today, providing insightful analyses and policy recommendations. The journal features articles that address a wide range of topics, including social justice, economic equity, healthcare disparities, education reform, and more. This edition examines the critical juncture we find ourselves in, marked by the polarized Trump presidency, a divided congress, and the highest number of African American elected officials since the Reconstruction Era. The Reconstruction Era, Nadir Period, Harlem Renaissance, and Civil Rights Movement were milestones in Black history where the freedom movement faced staunch opposition yet continued to advance. The current moment, much like those historical periods, is a nexus where challenges and opportunities intersect.

Dr. Jonathan Cox, Vice President of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR), emphasizes the significance of this issue, stating, “The past five years have shaped the trajectory of the Black community in profound ways. It is crucial for us to understand and document this period, recognizing the challenges faced and the progress made. The Journal for the Center of Policy Analysis and Research serves as a comprehensive analysis, offering insights that will inform future policy decisions.”

Dr. Ivory A. Toldson, Editor-in-Chief of JCPAR, highlights the importance of capturing this moment in history, saying, “The Nexus issue provides a platform to reflect on the complexities and triumphs of the past five years. It not only acknowledges the challenges faced by the Black community but also presents actionable solutions for policymakers, ensuring that we seize this pivotal moment and advance towards a more equitable future.”

The articles in this issue tackle issues relevant to communities of color, shedding light on the interconnected nature of policies and their impact on marginalized populations. From data-driven research to thought-provoking policy recommendations, “The Nexus: Defining the Moment” serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, academics, and advocates committed to driving positive societal change.

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