NREI Task Force for Social Justice Ambassadors

Empowering action-driven change

The NREI Task Force, comprised of academics, influencers, community activists, corporate leaders, and youth, is a cohort dedicated to challenging racial injustice and advancing racial equity and social justice reform. Our ambassadors are committed to and have a proven record in confronting issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and supporting and improving the racial justice landscape.

Meet the NREI Task Force

Meet the Inaugural NREI Task Force Cohort

During this two-year term, the NREI Task Force will:

Push policy that compels action by lawmakers to end systemic inequity and racism and advances community-based solutions

Disseminate research and information to the public that expands legislative knowledge and promotes civic engagement

Partner with NREI leadership to develop relevant programming that advances the NREI mission

User their platform and power to equip young leaders and community members and serve as champions for change

To learn more, please contact the National Racial Equity Initiative for Social Justice Director, Olajumoke Obayanju at

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