Perpetual Punishment: A State-by-State Analysis of Welfare Benefit Bans for People
with Prior Felony Drug Convictions

This study examines the current landscape of SNAP and TANF benefits for people with prior felony drug convictions, assesses the impact of the state-level bans, and offer policy recommendations on changes to eliminate the ban and other barriers faced by formerly incarcerated people.

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Federal Legislative Solutions to Curb Qualified Immunity for School Resource Officers & Other School Officials

This report examines the inconsistent application of qualified immunity doctrine in courts around the country and how it impacts Black children — often leaving them vulnerable to having their constitutional rights violated in schools without recourse.

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The Clean Slate Act: A Pathway to Criminal Justice Reform

This brief looks at The Clean Slate Act, a federal bipartisan bill, and how it can provide a second chance to Americans with low-level and nonviolent federal convictions.

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