Deconstructing Misconceptions: Understanding Critical Race Theory

This report explores the debate over Critical Race Theory (CRT) happening across the country by revealing and disputing misconceptions.

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Decriminalizing School Misbehavior: Alternatives to School Referrals and Arrests

Like suspensions and expulsions, the harmful impact of student referrals and arrests cannot be overstated. This report examines the progress made in recent years and recommends school discipline policies that support students at school, improve public safety, and reduce systemic disparities.

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NREI Research Op-Ed: HBCUs Should Receive More than 1% of Federal Research Funding

This research op-ed explores the importance of federal research dollars, disparities in federal research funding, implications of HBCU federal research funding gap, and provides suggestions on how policy can help to support the research activities and personnel at HBCUs.

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