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PlacementRep. Terri A. Sewell

Fellowship Presented By

Fortune Chimaobi

Congressional Fellow


Area of Discipline: Dental/Oral Health

Fortune Chimaobi is a native Atlanta Georgian, while his family is originally from Nigeria. Like many other immigrants, they came to America seeking new opportunities and establishing a family. Most of his life has been centered around science and health. He comes from a background of doctors and nurses. So, it was no surprise that he began pursuing a medical degree with a focus on virology. As he matured during his academic journey, he started to ask more questions regarding the state of health in America, especially in rural and underserved black/brown communities. It’s where he started approaching health from a systematic level and focused on the “why” behind several public health-based issues. That led him to pivot from pursuing a medical degree to obtaining his master’s in public health with an intent to pursue his doctorate in public health policy. During his public health journey, he completed an internship for the Georgia Association for Infant Mental Health: Birth to Five, where he honed his skills by doing extensive research on Adverse Childhood Experiences while creating a curriculum based on infant mental health. Since being in GA-AIMH, he spearheaded literature reviews and policy analysis (which required collaboration from multiple colleagues within his organization) for the curriculum, created power points, and did a poster presentation on ACE Policy and Prevention at Georgia State’s Maternal and Child Health Conference. As of now, through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, he is working on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Health Policy Fellow. With CareQuest as his sponsor, he is continuing his journey to pursue transformative public health policy and improve public health for all Americans, especially in communities of color who experience the worst of public health-based inequality and inequities.