Meet Our Fellows

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Brelynn Hunt

NREI Social Justice Fellow


Area of Discipline: Health Equity
Office Placement: NREI Rotation

Brelynn Hunt, born in Washington, DC, and later raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, is a passionate women’s health advocate aiding the maternal mortality crisis. Brelynn is a 2x HBCU graduate from Spelman College and Meharry Medical College obtaining Master’s Degrees in Physiology and Health Sciences and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Personifying her brand: Beauty and Brains, Brelynn is in pursuit of her Doctorate of Medicine degree with plans to become an OB/GYN. This social media savvy, lover-of-pink uses her platform to influence and inspire digital mentees around the world as a YouTuber and Podcaster, with over 5 million lifetime views. She has secured thousands in fundraising dollars for March of Dimes and lobbied on Capitol Hill through her women’s health service initiative Birth Equity 4 All. With a bubbly personality and communication skills honed by years of content creation, Brelynn’s future post-CBCF Fellowship is destined to deliver a message that resonates as a media health correspondent on a major news network, improving women’s health quality, especially for underserved populations, beyond her doctor exam room. Utilizing her impact for the greater good, Brelynn champions health equity, advocating for people of color and using her platform, skill sets, resources, and network in order to change the world.