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Dr. Ja’Lia Taylor

NREI Social Justice Fellow


Area of Discipline: Technology
Office Placement: NREI Rotation

Originating from Smithville, a small town in Southwest Georgia, Dr. Ja’Lia Taylor embarked on her educational journey, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Georgia Southwestern State University. Subsequently, she obtained a master’s degree in special education from Albany State University. Dr. Taylor’s academic pursuits extended even further as she acquired a master’s degree from Auburn University, specializing in Information Systems with emphasis on project management, business analytics, and cybersecurity. Her educational journey reached its pinnacle when she attained a Doctor of Philosophy in Education. Her doctoral dissertation delved into the pressing issue of the preschool-to-prison pipeline, exploring how technology could be pivotal in addressing this problem. Beyond academia, Dr. Taylor is the founder and visionary behind “Young Professionals in Training,” a mentoring and tutoring initiative designed to support underrepresented students. Participants in this program benefit from mentorship and enjoy the advantage of automatic college acceptance and scholarships. Dr. Taylor’s passion for mentorship extends to the “Presidents Mentoring Circle,” a community committed to guiding black students with aspirations in higher education leadership. Her commitment to uplifting society and underrepresented populations is further evident through her publications in education and technology journals. Looking ahead, Dr. Taylor eagerly anticipates continuing her research and advocacy efforts through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Her post-CBCF Fellowship aspirations encompass roles as a policy researcher, campaign manager for both state and federal-wide campaigns, and even venturing into the realm of public office.