Meet Our Fellows

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Leyana Casey

NREI Social Justice Fellow


Area of Discipline: Cannabis
Office Placement: NREI Rotation

Leyana Casey is an advocate for community building and addressing disparities within the Black community. With a strong academic and professional background, she has dedicated herself to confronting critical issues related to healthcare access, the digital divide, and social determinants of health. Currently, she serves as an NREI Cannabis Fellow. Leyana graduated from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science. She recently completed her Master’s in Public Health, specializing in Behavioral Social and Health Education Sciences, at Emory University. During her academic journey, Leyana was a Health Communications Specialist, collaborating with health coaches nationwide to ensure accessible and equitable diabetes prevention services for vulnerable populations. Before pursuing her master’s, she worked as an AmeriCorps Health and Wellness VISTA at a charter school in Washington, D.C. In this influential role, she tackled challenges faced by students, families, and the broader community, including issues like food insecurity, the impact of COVID- 19, and mental health. Leveraging her skills, she implemented effective programming and fostered valuable community partnerships to address these pressing concerns. As a CBCF NREI fellow, Leyana is excited to delve into the political landscape and explore the multifaceted challenges affecting the Black community. She aims to develop innovative solutions that dismantle systemic oppression and pave the way for equitable opportunities within the Black community.