Policy Experts

Sally Ayuk

Sally Ayuk is the Transportation Equity Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Analysis and Research at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF). She will work directly with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to produce policy analysis and research pertaining to transportation, sustainability, and equity, as well as to analyze best practices and policy solutions for the promotion of integrated and comprehensive efforts with the most significant impact on black communities. Before becoming a fellow, Sally had experience as a stem research and teaching assistant and GIS analyst in transportation, housing (land use), sustainable community indicators, and comprehensive plan areas. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in urban planning and public policy at the University of Texas at Arlington. She holds a combined M.S. in geospatial technologies from the Universities of Lisbon, Münster, and Jaume I University of Castelló and a B.S. in geography from the University of Buea. After completing her CBCF Fellowship, Sally’s top aspirations include making an impact through policy research and education.