A Letter to Nigeria: An Apology, Lamentation, Reassurance

My Dear Nigerian Sisters:

Let me begin with my deepest apologies for not having written to you sooner. Until this moment, I did not know what to do, what to say, nor how to say it. Yet on this day, May 29, 2014 almost 8 weeks after your abduction, I have done away with my uncertainty and have concluded that regardless of what I do, I must to do something. Even if to just simply convey my sentiments to you. It is my hope that the energy of my heart will be carried by the winds of this world, ushered in by the Holy Spirit who governs all things and delivered to your very own.

My words here may seem and read cliché, but I pray that you are as well as you can be. Although I do know that you are not well in your current state of captivity, separation from family, and your utter lack of safety. However, this is still my most sincere prayer and wish for you all. I will pray harder.

Perhaps by now you may know, that the entire world over is aware of the tragedy that has befallen you and the village school. There is tremendous effort and solidarity in thought, action and deed that are offered daily on your behalf. And while we live in America, the nation considered the strongest, most powerful, wealthiest and most organized of cultures and societies, we have become a bit undone and are too at a loss with how to further assist.

Please know that while we did not respond immediately, it was only because we had to wait for a request from your sovereign government to be able to send in our armed forces to help seek, find and recover you. Though we have now been given a green light to act, we are planning, approaching and giving thorough consideration to all action that will be taken to strategically and safely counter this act of terror without yet causing more calamity to your beloved region, continent and home.

In the meantime, many misguided and inconsistent details have been given about how many of you precious, darling jewels were stolen, married off, hurt, have escaped and even perhaps have perished. While it matters not of the miscalculated or mishandled intricacies of world news about who you are, where you are and or how many of you there are. What matters to me and to others like me is that if there were just ONE of you taken, missing, unaccounted for and no longer held in safety we would stand united in some front for your return. Know, trust and believe that each one of you even singularly are worthy of the world to fall silent in pause with our private thoughts, rise in arms of protest for justice, then fold our very hands in prayer and believe that while a sovereign nation Nigeria may be; WE, The United States of America [remains], One Nation under a Sovereign God. We move and act under strict command and deliberate orders to serve and protect the lives of men and women across this globe. Inasmuch as we can and are allowed, we will do the same for you.

I pray for you. Not just today, but every moment that follows. For your dreams, your very hearts, the divine purpose and the calling on your lives. You are mighty symbols of strength, courage, triumph and victory that shall be won. So, for the breath that you now hold in hope, I too hold with you and deeply. I love you my sisters. We love you. The world looks ahead for your release and your return; your restoration and your redemption song. Until such time, with you we wait, we weep, we pray. Amen!

Love Your Sister,

Dr. Deborah

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