Brothers, We Need To Talk…

I am tired of us killing each other…just tired.

I am tired of us being killed by the other…just tired.

After the outrage over Trayvon Martin ceases, we are still left with “Chiraq”. We are still left with “Bucktown” and multiple other cities where we are offing each other in record numbers.  We are left with the vestiges of our imposed ignorance and we owe it to ourselves to be accountable – we have to own up and do better. We have to.

Our children miss us. Our women miss us. Our families miss us and society needs us to stand up and vote to be better.

I am so tired of talking to some of my own brothers who never cease to remind me that they are scared of ‘other’ brothers because they may be harmed…..physically or otherwise.  That said, we could now ask ourselves: Was George Zimmerman a brother? Was Trayvon Martin an ‘other’?  These questions, however controversial, may be answered with time……But hopefully, these questions, and many like it, will make us all think constructively about the social and cultural fabrics of our family. Ours is a respectful, honest, loving and strong family, and we must never forget this whenever we approach each other’s space.

There are some who still think that names like “Chiraq,” “Hotlanta” or “Bucktown” are cute descriptors, and while I am disinterested in any history lessons about these monikers, these names signify much more than meets the eye.  We are being cast…and I am disturbed by the actors.

I want more work from my brothers…all of my brothers. We need to support each other as we embark of a series of reformative conversations to save us all. We ALL need to be at the table to hash out these issues. Inclusion is imperative , this is the only way that this will be effective!

I am tired of the business of incarceration disproportionally impacting us.

I need for you respect me as I respect you.

I need for you to accept my help as I accept yours.

I need for you to respect each other….and respect us all.

Let’s talk to our elders, our churches, and with our community based organizations. If you see one, teach one, and the rest will follow.

Let’s make sure that we are using our appropriate thinking mechanism when engaging in decision-making.

If we are truly a loving family, let’s start to show it. Let’s value each other so highly, let’s reaffirm our traditional values so that NOBODY will ever think it so easy to devalue any of us in any way.

Let’s access the institutions of learning. Let’s continue our traditions of adding value to our families and community.

Let’s access the institutions of work. Let’s continue our traditions of innovation, economic growth and socio-cultural development.

We are in this together. You are my keeper, as I am yours. Let’s STOP with the excuses and get out of our own way.  Vote with your conscience and let’s get back to work!

At the end of the day, we have to show love and respect for each other…

I want each reader of this note to struggle with its content. I do not want this to be another thing that people read and gloss over….I want your minds to be troubled, I want your conscience to be questioned, and I want for you assess, or even access, your own moral compass. I want you to be so uneasy that you, if necessary, commit to changing one thing that will make you, and us all, better than before.

I dare you to respond…

6 thoughts on “Brothers, We Need To Talk…

    1. I definitely agree with this message and hope that the Black men would do an outreach for young black boy and men and stop the violence….

  1. Cindy Jones:

    I agree with you about the need for outreach…..And we all need to talk about these issues all the time, not just sometimes. I appreciate you.



  2. We are afraid to look at ourselves with honesty. We are a reflection of one another in one way or another.

    Thank you for this powerful and truthful letter.


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