Change: How to Close the Wealth Gap

By: Jay Jackson @mrjay_jackson

Do you have any idea how unequal the wealth is in our society? The percentage of wealth owned by each fifth of the U.S. population is mind-blowing. With the top 20 percent of households owning more than 84 percent of the wealth and the bottom 40 percent a measly 0.3 percent. The Wal-Mart family alone has more wealth than 42 percent of American families combined. I recently read an article where Chris Rock said, “If poor people knew how rich people are, there would be riots in the streets”.

Sure we know there are many contributing factors for this staggering disparity. Such as racial and sexual constraints implemented by those who consider themselves privileged. Also, our education system pales in comparison to systems twenty miles apart in some cases, let alone abroad.

I’ve done some research over the past few years and I’ve noticed a trend among the sentiments of current tycoons and our ancestry of avatars. They’ve all provided the secret to closing the wealth gap in layman’s terms for all to see. However, millions refuse to open their eyes to recognize what’s going on around them.

Well I’ve personally implemented them and they’ve yielded tremendous results for me thus far. I’ve yet to reach billionaire status, however, with persistence I believe it is inevitable. I offer to you, what has worked for me:

  • Discover the giant within
  • Believe you will achieve
  • Adjust your priorities
  • Surround yourself with success seekers
  • Take action

The divide between the haves and the have-nots is nothing new. However, the gap will continue to get wider unless each individual shifts his/her paradigm and commits to changing themselves. I’m not advocating that we riot, however, change won’t come until you do.

If you want to create a better life for yourself and leave a legacy for your future generations, simply follow the clues. Everyone must discover their giant within, believe they will achieve, adjust their priorities, surround yourself with success seekers, and take action. Don’t allow fear in the anticipated opinions of others to keep you paralyzed. Because those that mind you changing for the better don’t matter, and those that matter do mind.

If you don’t have an idea of how unequal the wealth is in our society, I challenge you to do your research and I would love to know what you discover. However, I must warn you in advance, “It’s worse than you think.”