Welcome to The Village!

Hello and welcome to The Village!

We here at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation are very excited to launch our new weekly blog!

We hope that you will use it as a resource and a sounding board for issues important to you and your community. Discussion is encouraged so please comment and share the blog!

Again, welcome to The Village – Real People. Real Talk.

Traci Hughes, Esq.
Director of Communications
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Village!

  1. The African Proverb “IT takes a Village to raise a Child” is as true today if not more so than when it was first communicated.
    I shared with a colleague recently how overjoyed 19th century leaders of our community would have felt if they had access to 50% of the resources and talents we own and have today….and what if we had 50% of the commitment of sharing and uplifting the entire community as they did!!! WOW
    Bible Students recall that when the Saints came together on ONE Accord-POWER was released in the earth…

    Congratulations to the CBCF communications team for initiating what we all hope is an honest conversation to include the entire Village…. Real People. Real Talk
    Pastor Keith

  2. Greetings!

    Although my insert here is a bit delayed, it is truly sincere in its intent to the CBCFI and to our entire community. It is indeed a pleasure to be included in the community dialogue toward the advancement of us all. I am honored to be included here at this table, at this time, during this season of history making and the(re)shaping of our world. Thank you for having me. I look forward to the process of sharing my voice and of even becoming better, inspired, changed and challenged because I have the esteemed privilege of listening to and hearing yours. Let’s Go!

    Be Great!

    Dr. Deborah

    1. The word “history” implies “his” “story;” mankind, human beings stories from the beginning of time to the present being represented. All human beings stories are history & all need equal validation in history books and the public education curriculum pre-school through grade 12. This needs to take place daily. History is a living thing!

      Is Black History Month History? No. It’s not enough that in one month everything is supposed to be taught about our heritage; like all other cultural/ethnic groups history needs to be all inclusive. This is what history is. Isn’t it?

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