Be a CBCF Volunteer!

Volunteers are critical to the success of CBCF programs and events. If you are interested in being considered for the CBCF Volunteer Program, Apply Today!

CBCF consistently attracts a valuable corps of volunteers who partner with us to share their skills and abilities in assistance to others. Our volunteers represent varied professions and backgrounds: project managers, school administrators, computer trainers, executive directors, doctors, students and entrepreneurs. More importantly, our volunteers identify with our mission and connect with us to make a difference while contributing to community service.

We offer several opportunities for you to engage in a productive, collaborative and fun-loving volunteer environment. Opportunities include:

  • Volunteering for events;
  • Special programs;
  • Varied business functions.

If you are available and interested in volunteering to strengthen the Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) or other CBCF events or special projects, apply to join the CBCF team. This is an excellent way to meet new people and gain more experience.

“Volunteering with ALC is a powerful means of engaging people around solutions to some of the challenges facing the African American community.”

Get connected. I Lead, I Serve.

NOTE: Applicants are screened based on functionality and availability to serve. Acceptance is subject to approval and is not guaranteed.