CBCF Joins CBC on New 2020 Tech Launch

Contact: Shrita Sterlin-Hernandez,

WASHINGTON—A. Shuanise Washington, president and chief executive officer of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Incorporated (CBCF), today announced that the CBCF joined the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Tech 2020 initiative, a taskforce formed to identify strategies and best practices for including more African Americans in careers in science technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

“In the 21st Century, African Americans must be a part of the exponential growth of the tech industry,” said A. Shuanise Washington, president and chief executive officer of the CBCF. “The CBCF is committed to its global mission to develop the next generation of black leaders. We, along with the CBC, realize the economic and educational well-being of African Americans depends on our readiness for current tech jobs, and those yet to be created.”

According to the National Science and Math Initiative, 92% of traditional STEM jobs will be available to those with at least some post-secondary education and training by 2018. The CBCF signed onto the CBC’s Tech 2020 pledge in a move that expands the CBCF’s efforts to build a strong STEM-pipeline for African Americans beyond its Leadership Institute for Public Service and Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR).

The CBCF’s Leadership Institute is helping African Americans ready for STEM career opportunities through its fellowships, internships, scholarships and a China study abroad program. The fellowships and internships offer hands-on experience working on Capitol Hill in public policy, specifically in energy, health, technology and related public policy areas. And, scholarship opportunities provide critical financial support to those pursuing collegiate studies in STEM majors. The Emerging Leaders: US-China Study Delegation, which recruits students pursuing studies in STEM and business, offers a two-week immersion in Chinese culture, business and U.S.-China relations, with an eye toward preparing for a global economy.

In addition, CPAR will address African-American access to STEM jobs through its New Horizons Initiatives outlined below.

• CPAR Future Focus Forum – A panel will explore and discuss the economic growth benefits and opportunities that come with more African-American representation in STEM fields.
• CPAR Issue Brief – A report will examine systemic causes and evaluate and identify evidence-based strategies, programs and initiatives to increase African-American representation.
• CPAR HBCU and STEM Preparedness Report – A comprehensive report analyzing challenges facing HBCUs STEM programs, operations, growth and funding initiatives.
• CPAR/National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) – CPAR and NSBE will explore new ways to create an employment training toolkit, organize and implement community engagement and informational opportunities.

“The CBCF is looking forward to seeing great results through the CBC Tech 2020 initiative. Together, we can positively impact disparities in STEM fields and improve the way in which cutting-edge science, technology and engineering positively impact communities throughout the world,” concluded A. Shuanise Washington.


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