The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation regularly publishes special reports addressing key public policy issues affecting the global black community including economic independence, public health, education and leadership. Signature publications include “Breaking Barriers 2”, an in-depth look at African-American students and the public education system, and “Understanding Health Reform: A Community Guide for African Americans”.

In addition to CBCF’s signature in-depth reports, CBCF Research and Policy publications include analysis briefings, articles, backgrounders, published opinions and arguments by CBCF fellows and experts.

  • Affordable Care Act Booklet

    In March 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (H.R. 3590) and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (H.R.4872) became law. In response, the CBCF produced this health reform guide to help everyday people better understand the new law. We also hope this guide will arm readers with knowledge that can help them become more engaged in advocating for health care resources in their communities. For additional copies or to comment, please call (202) 263-2800 or email Read the report.

  • Health Reform Implementation Updates September 2013

    Learn how the Affordable Care Act will affect you and your family. Read the update.