Land of the Free…Stuff?

IMG_9806By: CJ Bowers, @_CJBowers

These days, we are surrounded by sound bites of the latest speeches coming from presidential candidates on their campaign trail. Within those sound bites lie harsh realities, met with a “promising” future for our country. Recently, GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush received criticism for a comment made as it relates to African-American voters being swayed by the promise of “free stuff”. In a town hall meeting of likely voters in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, he attempted to explain how his platform was more hopeful, and less divisive than his liberal counterparts.

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Women, too sing America

By: Melanie Avery @melaniegreenteaheadshot

 Soaring women too can rise out of the ashes like the Phoenixes they are.

On Saturday, September 19, 2015 the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation was honored to host the President of the United States and First Lady Michelle Obama at the 45th Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) Phoenix Awards Dinner.   This year’s theme centered on civil rights and justice.  Civil rights leaders who were living received awards as well as those who we honored posthumously.  There were beautiful performances by talented artists and a star-studded list of dignitaries adorned the crowd.

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A Decade After the Storm: The Pain, the Progress, and the need for so much more

By: Marchaeus Bacon, @mbacon1906

I remember Hurricane Katrina just as if she happened yesterday as opposed to hitting Southeast Louisiana August of 2005.  Considering that I was born and raised in the New Orleans Metropolitan region I have been accustomed to hurricane seasons all of my life.  However, when my father said we need to go, I started looking at this Marc4hurricane a little bit differently.  Something about a storm coming your way as a category five gives you a new respect and perspective on the work of God.

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Magic Johnson’s Major Health Milestone

By: Sharon JenkinsSjemkinsThumb

Congratulations Magic!

The August issue of Identities Mic led with this, “Magic Johnson Just Hit a Milestone Many Thought Was Impossible 24 Years Ago.”  On August 14, Earvin‘Magic’ Johnson turned 56 years old.

Thank God, Magic is still with us!

With the click of a mouse, I was transported back to that heart-stopping moment on November 7, 1991 when the sports world and a disheartened black America were riveted to this breaking news event.

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Fair Housing, Still an important stabilizer in our community today.

By: Marchaeus Bacon, @mbacon1906Marc4

 I tend to be constantly immersed in the news, but I would have to admit that this is one news story that completely got by me. The fact that the Supreme Court was going to hear a case concerning Fair Housing yet again. Most people know it as the Fair Housing Act of 1968 signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson which stopped, federally at least, the discrimination of people of color in this country after the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and 1965 Voting Rights Act. the goal of the law was to stop discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It also gave the Department of Housing and Urban Development the tools needed to remedy years of discrimination and enforce the law (The Atlantic: U.S. Supreme Court considers the case of Inclusive housing.)

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The Movement Matters

By: Chris Bowers, @_CJBowers


We are 16 months away from another presidential election; however, the campaign season is nearly in full swing. With over 20 candidates vying to become the next leader of the free world, their words matter as much as our vote matters. Both African-Americans and young adults have been known to make an impact in previous elections. There’s no reason why that will change anytime soon.

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“CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Do Not Deny My Intersectionality

Written by:  Lindsay Richardson, @Lindsay_Rich


The recent twitter uproar that featured popular artists Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj brought forth the disparities in new age or modern feminism. Often we see modern feminism rally around the ideas of equal wage, paid maternity leave, more female leadership or free nipples. While all important in their own right, we rarely get to see modern feminism come close to accepting the multiple oppressions that women of color face. Instead the intersectionality of a black woman, Hispanic woman, Asian woman, etc. is often denied or described as dividing the feminist movement. For instance, racially charged issues that affect women of color are often redirected by modern feminism to focus on patriarchy and the injustices of a phallocentric world.

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“CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: Black Health Matters

Written by:  RaCia Denise Poston,  @raciap_


Here is a typical scene across Black America: it’s the first Sunday of the month and the family gathers for another Sunday dinner. The kitchen and surrounding rooms are weighed down with the mixture of aromas seeping from the pots and pans that are aligned on the stove top and counter tops. An abundance of food means that there will be leftovers for the days to come. Family members impatiently stand by with drooling mouths and excited tastes buds.

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“CBCF Perspectives” OPINION: True Heritage?

Written by:  Camren J. Harris

IG: @Mr_CHarris

As the recent tragedy involving the mass shooting of nine African Americans while attending Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina continues to plague the hearts of

CBCF15-8244millions, the shooter has been in photographs proudly honoring the Confederate Battle Flag. This heartbreaking incident has made Americans examine this flag and has left the country with the challenging question; what does the Confederate Battle Flag really stand for?

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