Who We Are

Established in late 2020

The National Racial Equity Initiative’s mission is to combat systemic injustice and advance racial equity, human rights, education and community/economic development opportunities for the Black community.

Housed in CBCF’s Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR), the NREI takes an evidence-based approach to develop sound policies targeted to reducing racial disparities caused by racism and discrimination. NREI also strives to provide solutions-driven and proactive policies and practices that produce equitable access, opportunities, treatment and outcomes for African Americans.

Our Work

The NREI framework supports the CBCF’s organizational mission of developing leaders, informing policy and educating the public. NREI houses social justice policy fellows, social justice scholarships for HBCU students and the Task Force of Social Justice Ambassadors. The Initiative also serves as a repository of research, data and public policy related to social justice reform to make maximum impact in Black communities.

John R. Lewis Social Justice Fellowships

Creating a Pipeline

These fellowships are designed to give young, Black professionals the opportunity to work in Congress and the Foundation to address social justice and racial equity issues that affect the Black community. Distinguished by two six-month rotations, Fellows will be placed in the U.S. Congress with Congressional Black Caucus members and the CBCF’s Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR) for a total of 12 months.

Meet Our NREI Fellows

HBCU Social Justice Scholarships

Removing Financial Barriers

These scholarships were created to encourage and support the next generation of social justice leaders committed to advancing equity, freedom, and justice for Black communities. The funds will be disbursed annually to undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level students attending Historically Black Colleges or Universities, pursuing studies related to social justice.

Task Force of Social Justice Ambassadors

Empowering Action-Driven Change

The NREI Task Force using their platform will share best practices to elevate the human rights of victims of racism and discrimination. Comprised of a multidisciplinary and intergenerational group of activists across sectors and platforms, the Task Force of Social Justice Ambassadors will work in collaboration with NREI to disseminate research and information, advance policy and community-based solutions, develop relevant programming, and raise awareness through media and mass movements for change with attention to youth activism, community organizing, and grassroots mobilization.

Policy Research

Advancing Policy

The NREI Research will inform public policy that advances social justice reform through the production of reports, policy briefings, and strategic engagement with the Congressional Black Caucus. Its areas of priority include criminal justice reform, education, health equity, and economic opportunity.

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To learn more, please contact the National Racial Equity Initiative for Social Justice Director, Olajumoke Obayanju at oobayanju@cbcfinc.org.

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